• Greg Hodel

One way to prevent pain from spinal disc problems.

I have noticed that spinal disc problems are fairly common.I understand one type of disc problem to be a temporary alignment problem and/or a bulge in the disc that presses on a nerve. Based on my experience, and on what I have heard from people with similar experiences, the pain seems to occur unexpectedly. I have exercised one day with no problem and experienced the pain one or two days later with a sudden tightness in my lower back. The muscles may be tight from a day or two prior, and it may not be very noticeable. I think this slight tightness may be one cause of the pain and alignment problem. It seems like the tight muscles cause the misalignment and the pressure on the nerve causes the pain. I think the pressure on the nerve causes further tightening of the surrounding muscles which seems to be the origin of the pain.

To prevent the initial tightness that may cause the misalignment I make sure that the muscles are warm during exercise. A velcro neoprene girdle warms the muscles before and during the workout. This gives the muscles an opportunity to relax and avoid further tightening during the workout. The neoprene girdle is also useful in getting back into workouts after taking time off due to a back injury. The pain is just due to tight muscles, and keeping them warm relaxes them so that you can work back up to a full workout.

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