• Greg Hodel

Why do some (most?) people develop inefficient running mechanics?

What if one of the causes of poor running mechanics arises from walking? It seems safe to assume that for most people, walking involves reaching ahead with the leg and landing on the heel. If someone is comfortable with this, they could just push a little harder, reach a little further, and the waking turns into jogging. Reaching ahead and landing on the heel is also very common in jogging. This can be a comfortable and easy way of jogging that may be seen as a way to conserve energy for long jogs. Through walking and jogging like this, the muscles and nerves have many hours of training to move the body with these mechanics. When it is time to run fast, the muscles move the body with the same mechanics. The person repeats the sequence of reaching and falling at a faster frequency. This leads to being unable to maintain top speed as the body falls ahead of the legs and the legs are not able to cycle fast enough to keep the body moving at a high speed.


Orange County, California

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